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Partnerships and awards given to A2A for Sustainability

Global Compact

In November 2011 A2A joined Global Compact, the United Nations initiative for promoting the culture of business citizenship launched by the General Secretary of the United Nations at the time, Kofi Annan. Joining this initiative means making a commitment to agreeing, supporting and applying a set of universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and by doing this contributing to the realisation of “a more incisive and more sustainable global economy”.
The A2A Group observes and promotes these principles. In the area of human rights and labour, it acts in full compliance with current legislation in the European Union and the countries where its employees work (Italy, France and Spain) and for this reason A2A has not performed any assessment of its own activities. In 2011 the Group did not encounter against any situations which might be considered possible violations of the human rights of employees, customers or national and local communities, was not subject to any legal action regarding violations of this kind and was not in any way involved in episodes of child or forced labour. Regarding the respect for human rights in the supply chain, it should be noted that only 0.2% of the value of orders made in 2011 involved non-EU suppliers, mainly located in Switzerland, Norway and the USA, countries where basic human rights are respected.

In 2011 A2Aalso took part in the work group initiated by the Italian Global Compact network, whose objective is to draw up guidelines regarding human rights risk assessment.

Clinton Global Initiative

Through its subsidiary EPCG, A2A also operates in Montenegro, a country that is not currently a member of the European Union. EPCG has however decided to develop a policy for managing employees and the environment that complies with the standards that inspire the whole Group.
In 2011, EPCG signed the Commitment to Action in which it takes part in the project launched by the Clinton Global Initiative, which sees Podgorica as a city committed to the use of sustainable electricity, in particular in connection with the Smart Meters Project. In this respect reference should also be made to page XY in the environmental section.
As concerns A2A’s commitment to the environment and the fight against corruption, reference should be made respectively to the section on Environmental Responsibility and the paragraph in this section “Corporate governance tools”, where the Organisational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 is discussed.

In 2011 A2A received certain important awards for projects having environmental and social value.

The District Energy Award, a competition organised by sector associations connected with district heating and cogeneration to reward and facilitate the exchange of information between operators on subjects relating to environmental and energy saving solutions. A2A Calore & Servizi was awarded the certificate of merit for its Canavese cogeneration power station which is based on the cogeneration associated with a heat pump having a power of 15MW which uses underground water for heat production.

The Sodalitas Social Award, given to companies, business associations, industrial clusters and organisations that have been practically engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability projects consistent with declared values. The 9th edition of the award saw the participation of 206 businesses with 251 projects. A2A was included as one of the six finalists in the “Initiative in favour of the Environment” category with its “ContAgio” project, developed over 2009 and 2010 in conjunction with the Cauto Cooperative and with the support of the Cariplo Foundation, and having the aim of making students, young people and families more aware of the need for a sustainable use of energy sources in ten pilot municipalities in the area to the north east of Brescia.

District Energy Award