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Corporate Governance tools

A2A manages its internal and external corporate governance by using the following specific tools.

Code of ethics

Under a resolution of the Management Board A2A adopted its Code of Ethics, which establishes the mission and the Group’s values, together with the principles and rules of conduct on which the whole of the Group’s activities are based. The Code is an integral part of the Organisational, management and control model adopted by the A2A Group pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

  • The Code of Ethics may be found on the Group’s website ( in the Governance section


  • Excellence in results
  • Responsibility
  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability


wishes to affirm and spread a business culture that is based on::
  • LEGALITY, as no illegal conduct can be considered to be in line with the policy adopted by the Company even if carried out in the interest of the business or to its benefit;
  • CONTROL, which must govern all the decisional and operational stages of corporate activities, with the full awareness of the risks deriving from committing a criminal offence.

Organisational, management and control model

Legislative Decree no. 231/01 determines the “responsibility of enterprises for administrative offences of a criminal nature”. The 18 Group companies that have adopted the Organisational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01are systematically monitored for risks connected with corruption. There were no episodes of corruption in 2011.

A specific training course on Legislative Decree no. 231/01 involved approximately 1,000 employees of A2A S.p.A. (out of a total of 1,428) who had not attended the classroom courses given in 2010. As a result of adopting or updating the Legislative Decree no. 231/01 Model, specific training sessions were given in certain Group companies which involved 228 employees.

  • The Model as per Legislative Decree no. 231/01 may be found on the Group’s website ( in the Governance section.

QES management systems and certifications

The scheduled procedure for simplifying the certification panorama was completed in 2011 by a process of synthesis which led Group companies to combine, where existing, certificates of the same type, namely: Quality-ISO 9001; Environment-ISO 14001; and Safety-OHSAS 18001. The model selected highlights the importance that management places in equal measure on all three areas, for the positive repercussions on:

  • the Group’s effectiveness and efficiency (ISO 9001)

  • respect for the environment and the people/communities that are in some way affected by the production processes (ISO 14001);

  • the attention that must be placed on safety by employees and all parties concerned (BS OHSAS 18001).

It is planned to extend the Worker Health and Safety Management System to companies which do not yet have one or which are only partially certified (not because only a partial certification had been obtained but because they arise from companies that have been merged into others).

Salient events in 2011 regarding certifications were as follows:

  •  unification and/or extension of Ecodeco’s certifications; following these operations the Quality, Environment and Safety and EMAS certifications include all processes and all sites and offices. In the specific circumstances the approach that enables EMAS registration to be obtained for all companies (the environmental declaration has been ratified and the conclusion of the registration procedure with the EMAS-ECOLABEL committee is awaited) should be considered innovative, as typically this type of registration applies to sites;

  •  extension of the ISO 14001 certification of A2A Reti Elettriche to the Brescia area where it was lacking;

  •  almost total unification of the ISO 14001 certifications of Aprica, with the exclusion of the waste to energy plant which has kept its own ISO 14001 certification. On the other hand the ISO 9001 and  OHSAS 18001 certificates include all processes and all sites and locations;

  •  ratification of the environmental declaration for the EMAS registration of the Gissi (CH) thermoelectric power station of AbruzzoEnergia: the conclusion of the registration procedure with the EMAS-ECOLABEL committee is awaited;

  •  obtaining Quality, Environment and Safety certification for A2A Ciclo Idrico and the technical and administration services organisational unit of A2A Servizi alla Distribuzione;

  •  extension of the OHSAS 18001 certification of A2A Calore & Servizi to the Brescia and Bergamo area;

  •  obtaining EMAS registration for the site of the Canavese cogeneration power station of A2A Calore & Servizi.

Società ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Requirements ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational H&S Management Systems Requirements EMAS
A2A Calore & Servizi YES YES YES YES
A2A Centrale Mincio YES YES YES YES
A2A Energia YES NO NO NO
A2A Ciclo Idrico YES YES YES NO
A2A Servizi alla Distribuzione YES YES Extension NO
A2A Reti Elettriche YES YES YES NO
AbruzzoEnergia YES YES YES NO* 
Selene  YES NO In progress ex novo NO
Varese Risorse YES YES NO NO
* The conclusion of the procedure with the EMAS committee is awaited.


The compliance of Quality, Environment and Safety systems is checked by means of the following:

  •  first stage audits, performed internally, whose objective is to highlight the matters to be perfected and to direct the scheduling of improvement activities; 111 internal audits were performed in 2011;

  •  second stage audits, performed by specific control bodies such as for example the Electricity and Gas Authority;

  •  third stage audits, conducted by outside independent certification bodies for the purpose of issuing or renewing certifications. In 2010, 27 certification audits were performed, which enabled all the outstanding QES certifications and the new planned certifications, the EMAS registrations and the SINAL3      accreditations to be confirmed. As a consequence of the unifications, the number of certification audits fell by approximately 13% over the previous year.

  • The Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety may be found on the Group’s website ( in the Sustainability section.


3 Included among the processes which have been audited by third parties is the Group laboratory accredited by SINAL in accordance with standard CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, namely the LCM laboratory of A2A Reti Gas.