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Sustainable management of the sector and certifications requested

A socially responsible company cannot limit itself to protecting the environment and guaranteeing the safety of its personnel, it must also constantly monitor the environmental and safety at work policies of the suppliers organically included in the value chain, namely everyone that is involved in the contracted work.
In the whole of the A2A Group there exists a form of self-regulation, with a suitable procedure, that borrows from the principles of community legislation and takes into account regulations regarding public tenders. As a result, therefore, terms and conditions and the relative forms of contract are drawn up which besides complying with general rules also put emphasis on the provisions of law relating to insurance, remuneration and welfare matters with the aim of avoiding unofficial work and ensuring safety in the workplace, in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Ethics. More specifically, the Group has introduced a procedure that regulates the “Means by which safety aspects are managed in the contracted work” and has introduced additional controls in all the phases of the contractual management process. In addition, in tendered contracts the Group explicitly requires that the supplier should always keep its workers trained and informed about the risks to which they may be exposed.
There exists in addition a procedure for “Inspecting quality, environment and safety aspects in worksites” in order to check the aspects relating to the management of the safety and hygiene of the work; to enable suitable monitoring to be carried out of identified situations of non-compliance and their resolution through the completion of specific checklists; and to allow improvements to be identified and enable the client to express an opinion of merit on the suitability of the contractor.
Evaluating suppliers for worksites and assigning the relative contracts is carried out during the tender process, by the means established by current law. If there are deviations with respect to the terms and conditions for carrying out the work, formal notice of dispute is made immediately and a request is made for the reinstatement of compliance. In the event of serious or repeated deviations, a letter of caution is sent to the supplier with the support of the provisioning department of the A2A parent company, or in the more serious cases a penalty is applied.
The systematic collection of information relating to the possession by suppliers of certifications ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety) was extended to all Group companies in 2011, with the aim of encouraging a rise in the percentage of suppliers included in the Group’s Register who are members of certification systems. Managing a supply chain in a sustainable manner, in fact, also means selecting responsible suppliers and using one’s purchasing power to encourage the adoption of sustainability practices by suppliers. The proportion15 in monetary terms of orders issued to suppliers with at least one certification was 64.85%.

15 Does not  include Amsa, Ecodeco, Aspem, Partenope Ambiente, Coriance, Plurigas, A2A Calore&Servizi (Heat Management).

Number of certified suppliers 2011
ISO 9001 2,018
ISO 14001 509
OHSAS 18001 170

Training contractors

In 2011 around 30 people in Ecodeco performed construction and maintenance work for a total number of 313 working days (on waste treatment plants, landfills and a part of the waste combustion). As part of its business, Ecodeco assigns certain continuous maintenance work to selected suppliers. In 2011 the company added the external personnel who carry out this work to its internal training courses, with the aim of unifying conduct in order to make this fully compliant with procedures. In particular, this training regarded: certain specific aspects concerning the safe management of the work assigned, the assessment of situations at risk and obtaining of details of processing materials (waste, raw materials, recovered materials) and other activities connected with the measures requested to be performed at the plants. A total of 24 of the contractor’s employees were trained in this way. None of these contractors suffered any accidents at Ecodeco’s plants in 2011.