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The communities of reference

The A2A Group has always supported initiatives of an artistic, cultural, social and sporting nature, in particular in the local areas in which it works. To this end, the Group carries out a careful analysis of the opportunities available in order to select those offering greater guarantees as far as benefits for the local community and consistency with business objectives and values are concerned. In 2011 the Group carried out sponsorships and made donations of 1,865,232 euro and 1,785,856 euro respectively.



In the cultural field, A2A has provided its support to numerous institutions and to cultural events such as: the Scala Theatre in Milan, the Grand Theatre of Brescia, the Brescia Theatre Centre (CTB), the Museum of the City of Bergamo, the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, the Crucifixus-Festival of Spring in Brescia and province, the Queen Margherita Exhibition in Naples, the Festival of Villa Arconati in Bollate, the Magna Grecia Film Festival in Soverato (Catanzaro), cultural events of the Municipality of Monfalcone, the BergamoScienza festival of scientific dissemination and the Brescia MilleMiglia vintage car race.
A2A is also engaged, together with the Municipality of Milan and the Ministry of Culture, in restoring the Axis Room, one of the jewels of Sforzesco castle, which contains signed monochrome paintings by Leonardo; the restoration work will take three years.
In an Environment-Health-Science sphere, A2A’s support regarded the Electric Mobility Week in Brescia and the “Pink Band” breast cancer prevention campaign promoted by the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer.
As far as Sport is concerned, A2A’s collaboration and support went to certain important events such as the Catholic schools’ walk “Andemm Al Domm” promoted by the Diocese of Milan, the Valtellina stage of the Giro d’Italia, the 4th A2A Ski-ingTrophy in Santa Caterina Valfurva, the European Rafting Cup which took place in the Valtellina and the Tour of the Cancano Lakes.
A2A also signed a convention with the Sila Mountain Community in 2011 regarding Lake Avio for the transfer of the use of a surface area of a piece of land owned by the Group together with a part of the stretch of water situated opposite to build an Olympic canoeing centre, which will be opened in 2012.
A2A and AMSA had as their aim to enhance the value of their Christmas greetings in the Social field: their Christmas Cards were produced in collaboration with two associations, with the economic support of the two companies and the commitment to contribute to making the work of the associations better known. A2A selected Pensare OLTRE, a National Cultural Movement created to protect young babies. AMSA involved Action Aid to support a beekeeping project in Ethiopia and took the decision not to send any Christmas gifts, donating the corresponding amount to this project.

A2A also supports social initiatives in Montenegro

A2A’s investment in EPCG, the Montenegro electricity company, has been translated into practical support for cultural, sports and social activities in that country for a total of 276,000 euro, consisting of sponsorships and donations. The sponsorships regarded the National Swimming and Water Polo Associations and the Basketball Association. In terms of charitable initiatives, projects in favour of the Niksic Hospital and the Podgorica Clinic were supported. In addition, university study grants and work carried out on the Piva Monastery were promoted. Finally a contribution was made through UNICEF to a project for providing aid to children in need.

The Civil Protection Volunteer Group, set up in 1976 to assist with the earthquake in Friuli and since 2000 established in the form of a non-profit volunteer association, is mostly made up of employees and former employees of A2A and members of their families. The scope of the association is to take part in aid operations in the event of ecological catastrophes and natural disasters and, more generally, to contribute to safeguarding the safety of the local community by means of providing information and carrying out educational activities concerning natural risks and techniques that are addressed to residents.

The group is capable of carrying out emergency intervention and measures of social interest on electrical plants and water and gas networks. Among the most significant initiatives undertaken in 2011 were the following:

  • intervention in the areas of Liguria hit by the flooding in the region to reinstate electricity, gas and water and certain other services;

  • collaboration with the Italian Paralympic Committee in connection with the logistical organisation of the Italian Light Athletics Championships for the disabled held at the Assago (MI) Municipal Sports Centre;

  • collaboration with the Civil Protection agency of the Municipality of Milan for setting up a reception field for the homeless in view of the winter cold;

  • installation of electric equipment at the two fields set up in Turin on the occasion of the national rally of the National Association of Alpine Soldiers;

  • collaboration with the Civil Protection agency of the Ticino Park to set up a structure to house 40 Libyan refugees.

The Foundations

The Group’s Foundations have for many years been the promoters of activities in the spheres of sustainability, innovation, research, education, culture and social life. The Foundations are private non-profit entities which have capital that may be used for cultural, educational. social, scientific or public purposes.
A2A contributed to the activities of the Foundations, providing support to the AEM, ASM and Amsa Foundations to which it donated a total of 4 million euro in 2011 as an institutional contribution.

The AEM Foundation

Established in 2007, the AEM Foundation has continued its activities in the pursuit of institutional goals: to safeguard and enhance the Group’s history and culture and to support scientific research and the implementation of innovative technologies in the field of energy and network services, training and updating.
The AEM Foundation carries out its work at the “House of Energy”, a modern and welcoming space constructed out of an electricity substation. The building is dedicated to teaching and the culture of energy: from production to rational use, passing by way of safety and energy saving.
The Foundation’s main areas of activity regard the management of:

  • study grants and degree awards in technological and managerial disciplines;

  • the assets forming part of the cultural heritage of the AEM Foundation;

  • the administrative historical archive (1903-1997);

  • the photographic historical archive (around 180,000 images, of which 23,000 digitalised);

  • film and audio-visual documentation, consisting of 400 works;

  • paintings and artistic items;

  • collections of material exhibits connected with energy production and distribution;

  • the Tremelloni fund and Communications Archive (seven thousand volumes).

Amongst the 2011 initiatives worth recalling is the Smart Tree, the Christmas tree set up in Piazza Duomo by the Municipality of Milan in conjunction with A2A, Amsa, the AEM Foundation and Expo2015. The tree was used as the symbol of a “Smart City”, a sustainable city that is energetically virtuous, capable of generating widespread wellbeing from respect for the environmental heritage and its enhancement. Residents were able to take an active part by publishing their sustainable thoughts and wishes on the dedicated pages of Facebook and Twitter.

  •   More information may be found on the AEM Foundation’s website which was given a new look in 2011

The Amsa Foundation

The main objective of the Amsa Foundation for the Environment is to support civic education and social responsibility.
Among the initiatives performed in 2011, the following are worthy of note:

  • lthe “Green Race”, the leading Italian eco-running event hosted in the Lombardy capital which combines sport and movement with new competitive recreational and environmental criteria;

  • the first rally of former Amsa employees which was held at the new “Museum of the Twentieth Century” in Milan, chosen to represent as an ideal the concept that a sense of belonging is a precious asset, one to be preserved and looked after carefully.

The ASM Foundation

The ASM Foundation, set up more than 12 years ago, once again confirmed its social commitment in the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo in 2011. The intense work of collaboration with the local area, the development of strategic and operational partnerships with local bodies and institutions and the careful assessment of the needs arising have enabled the Foundation to carry out work to encourage innovative and sustainable good practices in the area of social issues, in promoting artistic and cultural expression and in supporting education and the protection of the environment.
The ASM Foundation supported more than 180 projects in 2011, intervening in sectors dealing with the most fragile categories of people, such as under-age children with difficulties, people in prison and the disabled; it provided its support to families looking after elderly people with degenerative diseases; it accompanied the growth of young people through cultural, sports, social and integration offers; it strengthened its musical and theatrical offer and provided funds to enable residents to benefit more easily from the various cultural events.
In environmental matters, a privileged sector in the interests of the Foundation, it promoted the dissemination through the main local daily paper of a publication on sustainable and responsible development, to which it linked a competition to encourage people to go into further detail on the issues treated.

  • More information may be found on the Foundation’s website which contains the main initiatives supported and the means by which access can be gained to financing.

The Energy Lab Foundation

A2A is a founding partner of the Energy Lab Foundation through its own AEM Foundation. Energy Lab promotes research and innovation in the environment and energy sector. The other founding partners are: the Region of Lombardy, RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE S.p.A.), the five Milan universities (the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan Polytechnic, the Bocconi Business University, the Milan University of the Studies and the Milano-Bicocca University of the Studies), the Edison Foundation and the Municipality of Milan.
In 2011, the Energy Lab Foundation consolidated its commitment to creating tools and setting up initiatives for spreading information about energy, the environment and the local area, with special emphasis being given to the following sectors of activity:

  • dissemination and multi-disciplinary learning workshops on questions of renewable energy, nuclear power, smart grids, sustainable mobility and access to energy;

  • promotion of skills to encourage entry into the energy sector labour market;

  • support for the university partners and businesses to make it easier for them to take part in bids for European funding;

  • area of growth for young people through two training courses designed for young university students: “Twenty for Twenty” and “Energy Trades”;

  • collaboration with bodies and associations on mutual objectives and specialist studies.

  • More information may be found on the Foundation’s website which provides a constant update on the initiatives taking place.

Amsa in Milan: initiatives for the city and with the city

AMSA, the company of the A2A Group dedicated to environmental hygience services in the Milan area, frequently promotes initiatives designed to increase the awareness of and involve institutions and residents, whose aim is to make the city and the environment in general cleaner and more welcoming.
The most significant events that took place in 2011 were the following:

  • the “From dead to the vegetable garden” project carried out on the occasion of the Furniture Exhibition on the Off-exhibition circuit; a show made up of household items and furniture intended for disposal but which are “brought back to life” thanks to green grafting: a way of encouraging behaviour aimed at reusing products and materials, contributing to the reduction of waste at the origin;

  • the second edition of “Eat the Leaf”, an event to which families and residents are called to free a public park of leaves, together with the employees and former employees of Amsa;

  • the fifth edition of “Green Race” which took place at Sandpit Park in Milan to emphasise the synergy between sport and the environment;

  • participation at the “46th edition of the International Milan Dog Fair” to increase the awareness of visitors and dog-owners of the need to maintain responsible behaviour;

  • the structure “A home to play in”, an interactive display space built in the “G! as in Giocare” fair designed to involve families and children in issues connected with the environment and provide them with information on the subject;

  • participation in popular events such as the critical consumption fair “Do the right thing”, the Slow Food markets, the Milan Film Festival and the “Stramilano” race.

To promote differentiated collection in 2011 initiatives with new tools were promoted:

  • paper, glass, plastic, metal and electrical and electronic waste became card figures distributed in the form of promocards, in conjunction with the Milan cartoon school;

  • the travelling ecological station for differentiated collection (Mobile Environmental Centre - CAM) and the mobile office were used for various initiatives throughout the area;

  • awareness and information campaigns on the proper disposal of the various types of waste (glass, plastic, aluminium, paper) were promoted in conjunction with the respective consortia (Coreve, Corepla, Cial and Comieco).

Big and small residents visit the plants

Guided tours of the Group’s plants are a way of making residents know and understand how A2A works in favour of the community and of describing to them the technologies used by the various companies in the many sectors in which it operates. A total of 22,842 people visited the Group’s plants in 2010 (-11% compared to 2010). In particular, the traditional appointment with National Electricity Day was renewed, promoted by Assoelettrica and held on October 2, 2011 with a significant turnout by the public (there were 1,200 visitors to the six plants).
A2A continued in 2011 with its School Project, aimed at the younger resident, to which the following important changes were added:

  • membership of the Italian Environment Fund (FAI), the foundation for safeguarding Italy’s cultural and natural heritage, was offered to all students and teachers visiting the plants, together with the School Learning Kit;

  • at the beginning of the school year, schools were sent a 2011/2012 academic year poster-calendar dedicated to differentiated collection;

  • the way of booking visits has been simplified by setting up a section dedicated to the School Project on the A2A website, where teachers can apply for a guided tour of the Group’s plants online.