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District heating and heat management


A2A produces, distributes and sells heat in the cities of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Varese and in certain other municipalities in the Brescia and Milan hinterland through the companies A2A Calore & Servizi and Varese Risorse. This service is provided to over 22,400 users (which may be the single residential unit in the case of independent heating or the building in the case of centralised heating) and covers a total volume of 77.2 million cubic metres.

Further information on the district heating development plan may be found on page XY of the chapter on environmental sustainability

The Group also distributes heat in France through the subsidiary A2A Coriance for a total of 817 GWh of heat supplied.





A2A Calore & Servizi also carries out the following activities:

  • conversion of liquid-fired thermal power stations to methane;

  • heat management of apartment blocks;

  • energy management of large property complexes and public administrations.

The company has specific skills in rationalising the energy management of buildings through measures taken to improve efficiency.
In 2011 the company carried out 18 plant conversions, including those of important public buildings such as the Milan Courthouse and Macedonio Melloni Hospital, for a total installed power of 18,900 kW.

istrict heating advertises itself

Il teleriscaldamento si fa pubblicità

The new A2A Calore & Servizi  publicity campaign in favour of district heating started up in November 2011.
Its message hinges on one of the many benefits of district heating which also corresponds to one of the main objectives of the Kyoto Protocol: the reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere. This campaign, carried out through the press, on posters and on the internet, involved the cities of Bergamo, Milan and Sesto San Giovanni (MI).





Quality of the district heating service

Both of the Group companies working in district heating, A2A Calore & Servizi and Varese Risorse, provide the service, guaranteeing continuity, punctuality and energy saving.
Although heat distribution is not one of the items coming under the Electricity and Gas Authority’s jurisdiction, A2A Calore & Servizi monitors and measures the characteristics of the services to ensure that they constantly comply with the set specifications in technical, commercial, qualitative, environmental and safety terms.
In particular, the following technical indicators are monitored:

  • energy yields of the machinery at the power stations;

  • specific consumption;

  • use of renewable sources;

  • energy saving indices;

  • quantity of atmospheric emissions;

  • use of raw materials;

  • technical disservice connected with managing contracts.

In addition, certain commercial indicators are also monitored, such as

  • times of arrival following emergency calls in managing contracts;

  • preparation of estimates during the offer stage;

  • execution of projects for network extension;

  • realisation of connections to district heating networks;

  • connections to district heating networks that are not carried out and are postponed.

Varese Risorse handles the quality of its service by means of supply contracts entered with its customers, which contain the service features and parameters.
A2A Calore e Servizi has held the ISO 9001 certificate for a considerable period and during 2011 Varese Risorse also introduced an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Safety of the district heating service

With the district heating service the boiler is deactivated in every building and replaced by a simple heat exchanger, by means of which thermal energy is transferred to the building’s internal distribution plant which remains unaltered.
This is translated into increased plant safety and efficiency, since with district heating the following are obtained:

  • no combustion or naked flames in the boiler room;

  • elimination of the boiler, tanks and flues;

  • no danger of gas leaks or poor combustion and no risks of explosions or fires;

  • requalification and longer lives of equipment.

Managing work sites

Rigorous checks are conducted on work sites set up for the construction of infrastructure, the extension of networks and plants and maintenance work performed by external companies, to ensure that the commissioned works have actually been carried out, that the timetable has been respected, that the materials agreed have been used, that the testing requested has been carried out and that all contractual specifications have been met.
A2A uses suitable checklists specifically dedicated to environmental and safety aspects for carrying out checks at worksites.
Further details may also be found in the paragraph “Sustainable management of the sector and certifications requested” on page 134.