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Other initiatives benefiting employees


A2A has set up certain specific initiatives to benefit employees, including during their time outside work. The initiatives are available to all staff, whether they have been hired on a permanent or fixed-term contract basis and whether they work full-time or part-time. The additional activities aimed at providing interested staff  with various opportunities to use their free time are carried out by the Group Recreational Clubs: CRAEM Milan, CRASM Brescia, FIDAS Amsa and Cral ASM Bergamo.
The agreement signed between A2A and ATM, the Milan transport company, enabling employees to purchase annual season tickets at a reduced price compared to that paid at the counter, continued in the Milan area. Under this agreement the Group provides a subsidy of 15% (from February 2011) and the season ticket may be paid for on extended terms in 12 monthly instalments without interest, with the ticket being delivered directly to an employee’s place of work. Applications for 589 season tickets were made in 2011.
The psychological assistance service was reintroduced on December 1, 2011 for employees, who therefore have the possibility of free of charge sessions for sharing possible critical moments in their life inside and outside work. The social assistant is available every fortnight at all the Milan locations and at Cassano d’Adda.
For Amsa employees agreements are currently effective that provide for specific facilities, such as:

  • an agreement with the province of Milan for converting employee cars to natural gas or LPG;

  • worker team car pooling for the journey from home to work.

Employees with small children can use the Group crèche in Brescia; the structure can take up to 60 children aged from 12 to 36 months, and priority is given to the children of A2A employees and pro-rata to other companies forming part of the agreement. A2A and its partner companies make a contribution to cover a part of the monthly fee payable by employees. In 2011 the Group’s crèche continued to be a place where A2A organised educational meetings with the support of the EVA Association (an online not-for-profit organisation) to encourage the use of washable nappies rather than disposable ones.

The A2A Group’s Recreational Clubs

The scope of the Group’s recreational clubs is to plan, coordinate and manage social, cultural, recreational, tourist, sporting and supplementary assistance activities aimed at improving the quality of an employee’s free time and defending the purchasing power of members’ wages. All employees are registered as members of these clubs; retired persons and family members may also take part in the activities which are organised. The A2A Group made contributions totalling 3.6 million euro to the recreational clubs in 2011.
As far as CRAEM is concerned, employees with a commercial employment contract also became members in 2011 (there are around 170 of them). More than 40,000 presences were recorded in CRAEM’s hotels and holiday camps; 150 children took part in campus holidays; over 1,500 members participated in tourist initiatives; and over 800 members with an electricity contract took advantage of the health subsidies. Thirty per cent of the grants from institutions were disbursed in the form of  school, sporting and cultural grants or for mobility.
In 2011 CRASM organised trips, journeys and stays, participation in exhibitions or musical events, parties and study holidays abroad for older children or colonies for the younger ones.
In addition, 6 common initiatives were organised with other clubs of the Group, including summer campuses for the children of employees and ski-ing and football tournaments. On the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, CRAEM and FIDAS AMSA arranged a competition for older children encouraging them to come to terms with the history of their national identity.