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Internal communications


The year 2011 saw the birth of a new house organ dedicated to internal communications. To create interest and employee involvement from the start a competition was set up via the Group’s intranet to find a name for the new magazine. The proposal INADUEA’ convinced the jury unanimously due to its simplicity, the fact that it is recognisable and the accent, which as the winner wrote “is required for the correct pronunciation of the name while at the same time symbolically expresses the wish to put the accent on the many stories, large and small, of which an A2A employee’s day is made up”. This magazine, the first edition of which came out in September, is a quarterly and contains a broad cross-section of the A2A world, the evolution of its business and details of Group life with its protagonists.
The intranet channel plays an important role in internal communication in A2A and underwent considerable growth during the year in terms of visits and individual visitors. These latter exceeded 5,000, corresponding almost to the total number of employees equipped with a computer workstation. The sections of the intranet that were visited the most were: telephone directory, personnel, online services, organisational information, noteboard, communication, procedures and laws and regulations.



Certain projects implemented during the year contributed to the functionality and attractiveness of the intranet inside the Group. More specifically:

  • completion of the process of integrating the contents of AMSA’a intranet with that of the Group;

  • activation of a survey platform that enables employees to be asked to provide their assessment of various matters and initiatives (in this respect reference should be made to the section dedicated to stakeholder engagement on pages 26/28);

  • systematic publication of press releases;

  • area dedicated to the Group’s coordinated image, with the aim of strengthening its visual identity and unifying communications, but also of simplifying office work and reducing printing and the storage of various formats of paper in the stores;

  • activation of an online booking system for visits to the Group’s plants.

In the first half of the year an internal communication campaign was used to promote awareness of the 23 totems installed at various Group locations to enable employees not having a personal computerwork station to be able to consult the intranet. In addition, totem awareness days were organised with the distribution of information material and the collection of people’s opinions through questionnaires.