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Hiring policies and staff turnover


The people who work for A2A represent the Group’s main resource, one in which it believes it must invest to build its future. The Group’s Code of Ethics sees the person as a bearer of value. To put this principle into practice, a Human Resources Development System has been created that establishes a growth path over the whole of an employee’s working life. A multiplicity of levers, actions and tools guarantee performance appraisal, assessment of potential and transverse and horizontal career paths so that anyone working in A2A can reach high levels of responsibility.

In accordance with the Organisational, management and control model and the standards of conduct referred to in the Code of Ethics, selection is based on the principles of transparency, propriety and timeliness, which are consistent with the Group’s orientation in the sphere of quality, environment and safety.

Staff hiring in 2011 was supported by communications activities designed to enhance the image and attractiveness of A2A on the labour market, with specific emphasis being put on the most representative universities in the local area with the highest percentage of hiring (Milan and Brescia), and by a certified selection process.

The 2011 hiring plan enabled:

  • workforces to have the right size by having operating and administrative staff cover any shortages or the need for replacement as the result of retirement or resignation;

  • persons highly specialised and qualified in activities of an especially strategic value to enter the Group;

  • young talent to be hired and put on development paths for building the future managerial class

A total of 440 people were hired in 2011, of whom 393 in Italy and 47 abroad. There were 544 leavers, who left mainly to go into retirement or who came to the end of their fixed-term contract.

Turnover was 5.98%, an increase over 2010. The increase in leavers was mainly due to the rise in the number of staff whose fixed-term contract came to an end. These contracts related above all to seasonal work in Amsa for snow-clearing during the winter period or to summer hirings for better work organisation. There was a fall in the number of voluntary resignations (-18%) and dismissals (-36%) over 2010.
There were no collective dismissal in 2011, as a result no specific policies for managing the corresponding effect on the group’s workforce were developed.