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Social Responsibility

Responsabilità sociale

A2A people
Highlights 2011
Identity Card
  • Over 120 thousand hours of training were given in 2011, representing an average of 13.25 hours per head, an increase of over 50% over 2010
  • Performance management was  extended to other Group companies
  • New development centre for young professionals
  • Considerable improvement in all accident indices
  • The new house organ INADUEA’ was launched
Customers and citizens served
Highlights 2011
Identity Card
  • New programme designed to circulate the “Guide to reading your bill”
  • Agreement with 4 consumers’ associations to set up the observatory on unfair commercial practice
  • Positive ratings for A2A in the measurement of customer satisfaction levels compared to its main competitors: positions always between 1st and 3rd place
  • District heating in 2011 prepared a significant development plan (see also the chapter on environmental sustainability)
Highlights 2011
Identity Card
  • The Group’s internet portal improved for a “sustainable” qualification of suppliers
  • E-procurement deals with over 40% of purchase procedures
  • Gradual extension of the Post-purchase Vendor Rating process
The institutions and communities
of reference
Highlights 2011
Identity Card
  • Active collaboration in the single national settlement protocol
  • Almost 23,000 people visited the Group’s plants, including the Acerra plant visited by associations and local committees
  • Over 448,000 visits to the new portal with an increase of 6% over 2010.
  • Dozens of initiatives to make residents and students more aware about informed consumption and the safeguarding of the environment