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The urban waste collection activity managed by the A2A Group envisages differentiated collection of all the fractions (paper, glass, plastic, organic material and garden cuttings) by different means in the municipalities served.
A2A manages the whole waste collection and disposal and street cleaning service in the municipalities of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Varese.

In numerous other municipalities of Lombardy, A2A provides the urban waste collection service, managing this by means that have profoundly evolved over the years, due also to the wish of the municipal authorities to respect the differentiated collection objectives of 60% and 65% set for 2011 and 2012 respectively.


During the past three years the municipal authorities have asked operators to set up prevalently domestic urban waste management systems, in the conviction that only “door-to-door” collection can achieve the differentiated collection percentages required by the law. In an attempt to identify a valid alternative, the A2A Group company Aprica has tested an undifferentiated waste collection system in certain municipalities in the province of Brescia, which uses an open-top bin that can be opened with an electronic key which is able to record the number of accesses made to the bin. In these municipalities the percentage of differentiated waste exceeded 65% and approached 70%. Further details may be found on page 126 in Chapter 2.
A2A owns and/or manages ecological islands where residents can take their bulky waste, hazardous urban waste, electrical appliances, old electronic equipment, etc..
A2A is additionally aware of the need to reduce the production of waste, and therefore also works together with the institutions in identifying and testing measures to prevent the production of urban waste. In 2011, A2A, Aprica and the Lombardy Region successfully completed the first testing stage of the Action Plan to Reduce Urban Waste and have begun planning the second stage. Further details may be found on page 138.