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Integrated water service


The integrated water service consists of the group of the following functional sectors: captation, transfer, potabilisation and distribution of water for civil use, sewerage and purification of waste water. The companies of the A2A Group active in these sectors act on a daily basis to ensure that these activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and economicity, observing national and community legislation.
The management of the aqueduct consists in the captation, transfer and distribution of drinking water for human consumption, including chemical and physical treatment, when required, and chlorine coverage to ensure that the microbiological parameters specified by law are complied with. The distributed drinking water comes from springs and wells. The sewerage service consists in the collection and catchment of waste water at the purification plants. At the purifier the waste water is submitted to a biological treatment to eliminate polluting substances in order to make its quality compatible with safeguarding the environment to which it is returned.
The following tables set out the sources of supply of drinking water with a flow exceeding 50 litres a second, located in the provinces of Brescia and Varese where the A2A Group also operates in the sphere of the integrated water service.

Municipality Source Flow  l/s
Brescia Fonte mompiano 150
Villa Carcina Fonte Cogozzo 55
Municipality Source Flow l/s
Various Valle Bevera 250
Luvinate Luvinate 100

Water points

As a result of the Protocols of Understanding signed between the province of Brescia, the AATO (Authority of the Optimal Territorial Ambit - now the Brescia Ambit Office) Consortium and the Brescia municipalities joining the initiative, 120 Water Points are currently being built in the province; these are places where drinking water is distributed free of charge from the municipal aqueduct in three ways: natural, refrigerated and sparkling. Of these, 58 have been identified in municipalities managed by A2A, which has already built 45 and put them into use. An initiative which in terms of size and territorial capillarity has no equal in Italy and which has been promoted to encourage the rediscovery and attribution of value to the water distributed from the municipal aqueducts as part of more general measures of providing information and making people more aware of issues regarding the safeguarding and protection of water as a resource.
During 2011 the “Water Points” built by A2A Ciclo Idrico in the municipalities taking part in the initiative disbursed 11,112 m3 of water free of charge to residents, thus avoiding the production of 7,408,006 PET 1.5 litre bottles and the circulation of 740 lorries to transport and distribute the water.
The result of this is a reduction in the production and disposal of 259,280 kg of plastic (PET) and hence savings in the raw materials used for production and PET disposal costs and lower emissions of CO2, hydrocarbons, sulphur oxides and carbon monoxide.