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Noise and electric and magnetic fields


A2A deals with this matter by a process of monitoring, assessing and mitigating the acoustic emissions of plant and infrastructure over their life cycle.
Monitoring is carried out at different intervals depending on the type of plant or infrastructure, the sensitiveness of the area and the requirements included in the authorisation documents. In certain cases checks are carried out through exchanges of views with local and control authorities, using external specialised firms. The results of the measuring campaign are used to identify areas where intervention may be necessary.

Acoustic improvements at the mincio power station

A series of activities were performed at the Mincio thermoelectric power station in 2010 and 2011: one measure regarded the replacement of the General Services transformer (TSG1).The decision was taken to buy a transformer that is capable of ensuring a significant improvement in the acoustic environment with respect to the current equipment. A comparison between the noise emitted by the old transformer and the new one shows that an improvement has been achieved of approximately 4 dB (A), as per the set objective.


Soundproofing of the step-up transformer

The Brescia waste to energy plant soundproofing system was reinforced in September 2011 by installing phono-absorbent and insulating panels to screen off the step-up transformer which enables the electricity produced to be put into the high voltage network. This measure has allowed the noise impact of the equipment to be considerably reduced.

A great deal of attention is also dedicated to complains from residents. Targeted action is taken on the basis of these reports, followed by suitable mitigation measures if necessary.
On constructing new electricity distribution plants, A2A Reti Elettriche carries out an assessment of the magnetic effect of the installation being planned, not only to comply with the law but also to identify the best technology to deploy.
In addition a database collects all the information for the secondary cabins regarding adjoining premises, to identify those that may cause significant electric and magnetic field levels close to places where people live. For these plants measurements are also envisaged in the areas adjacent to the cabin itself for possible testing with a simulator if preventive measures are necessary for prudential purposes, and in any case for ensuring that legal limits are being complied with.