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Protection of the environment


Identity card at December 31, 2011

NOx (t)1,9254,4273,850
SOx (t)579773849
CO2 (t)3,543,1914,791,1094,309,558
Dust (t)10.6108.552.46
(*) Total emissions from the electricity and heat production plants
  • 353 g/kWh total average CO2 emission factor for the A2A Group, calculated by adding together all the emissions from the production of energy and considering this as a ratio of total energy production

Highlights 2011

  • Testing of the release of the vital minimum flow with ecological and physical and chemical monitoring

  • The emissions of the A2A waste to energy plants can be found online

  • The system for the catalytic reduction of the nitrogen oxides at the Lamarmora cogeneration plant in Brescia has become fully operational

  • Sleeve filters for reducing dust at the Brescia waste to energy plant have become fully operational