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Strategic approach and environmental policy

A2A is a large entity active in Italy and internationally which sets itself the daily objective of producing and distributing energy as well as providing services for society by minimising the environmental impact of its activities to the utmost, including by means of its serious and attentive research, technological development and investment activities.
In addition, A2A is engaged in developing services and goods for energy efficiency, encouraging renewable sources and developing technology for optimising the waste cycle for society and businesses.
Even at a difficult time for the markets and the real economy, with general uncertainties about growth and development being experienced by the various countries, A2A believes that this attention, founded on social and environmental responsibility, must never be diverted away from the development plans for its industrial activities and that projects and investments must be defined that are capable of increasingly optimising the protection and safeguarding of the environment, the territory and all the entities that experience it and sustain it.
The Group’s Quality, Environment and Safety (QES) Policy acts as a guide and determines the criteria for everything concerning environmental strategies. This document covers all the important environmental aspects affecting and involving A2A and, specifically, places considerable emphasis on the questions regarding the efficient use of resources, the limiting of emissions and other effects of its activities on biodiversity and the countryside, climate change, waste management and noise issues.
In 2012, the QES Policy will also be extended to Merger & Acquisition processes regarding the assessment of carbon risk: the process that leads to concluding an extraordinary financial operation is in fact also highly influenced by considerations concerning environmental sustainability.