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Environmental management system

Managing environmental aspects in A2A is based on achieving a constant improvement in performance in accordance with internally recognised certified standards: standard ISO 14001 and the EMAS Regulation. Governing environmental management is the expression of business management, which is supported in establishing the policies to be set up and identifying the activities to be performed by the Group’s Environment, Health and Safety Department.
Considerable attention is reserved for the activities connected with staff training, the management of all matters concerning environmental legislation and the Group’s internal and external communications by means of a constant relationship and interaction with all the stakeholders concerned.
Underlying environmental management are the identification and assessment of the various environmental aspects. The assessment is conducted on the basis of four separate criteria which characterise the environmental aspect and the related impact:

  • the legislative criterion;

  • the entity/quantity criterion;

  • the criterion of the sensitivity of the recipient;

  • the criterion of the attention of the parties concerned.

On the basis of the results of the environmental analysis, control, monitoring and improvement tools are defined for the significant environmental aspects.

Environmental offences under Legislative Decree no. 231/01

The administrative responsibility of companies under Legislative Decree no. 231/01 was extended in 2011 to include a series of environmental offences. A2A has modified certain of its environmental management system tools to facilitate the prevention and management of risks relating to those offences, with specific reference to environmental analyses, mapping control points, reporting, computer support tools and ensuring legislative compliance.