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Managing the environment

Identity card at December 31, 2011

The Group’s environmental certifications are distributed internally as follows:


  • 100% of installed hydroelectric power

  • 100% of installed thermoelectric power

  • 83% of cogeneration park thermal power

  • 87% of cogeneration park electric power

  • 100% of the treatment capacity of the waste to energy plants

  • 87% of the treatment capacity of the other integrated waste cycle plants.


  • 100% of environmental services

  • 71% of the treatment capacity of waste water


  • 100% Milan area gas distribution network

  • 100% electricity distribution network

  • 100% integrated water cycle of the Municipality of Brescia (including the Verziano purifier)

  • 100% Milan and Brescia area district heating network

  • 100% public lighting, traffic lights and video-surveillance

Twelve of the Group’s assets are EMAS registered. A suitable environmental accounting management system (EMS) is extended to the whole of the Group.

Highlights 2011

  • Environmental management system tools modified to facilitate the prevention of environmental offences per the 231 Model.

  • Innovations in the environmental field regarding the inertisation and re-use of fly ash.