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Economic responsibility


Economic responsibility


Identity card at December 31, 2011

The Group distributed economic value of 1,310 million euro in 2011


Economic value distributed

* See pag. 42 for details.

A2A was included in various financial ethics indices at December 31, 2011 as the following table shows.

Indices Ratings agency Rating
ECPI Ethical Index EMU Equity  ECPI    
Axia CSR Italia  Axia A+++ 
Axia Ethical Italia  Axia  A+++ 
Solactive Climate Change Index  Structured Solutions 
FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark Index   FTSE ECPI  EE-
  AEI Standard Ethics  EE-(outlook: Stabile) 

Being included in a sustainability index means that the company is submitted to an assessment by third parties and, on the basis of a series of complex valuations, is considered sustainable.
It also means making one’s shares the target of purchases by socially responsible investors, hence increasing and stabilising the shares's value because besides being important in terms of volumes these investors tend to operate in the long term.

Economic Responsibility
Highlights 2011
In the year ended December 31, 2011 A2A S.p.A. earned revenues of 6,198 million euro, an increase of 2.6% over 2010.
  • Total investments amounted to 310 million euro.
  • The dividend to be paid to shareholders has been determined as 0.013 euro per share.
  • Fully paid-up share capital amounts to 1,629 million euro and consists of 3,132,905,277 ordinary shares each of nominal value 0.52 euro.