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The A2A Group is mainly involved in the production, sale and distribution of gas and electricity, district heating, environmental services and the integrated water cycle. These are then organised into the following “sectors”:

  • Energy Sector;

  • Heat and Services Sector;

  • Environmental Sector;

  • Networks Sector;

  • Corporate and Other Services Sector.

This separation into sectors reflects the structure of the reporting that is periodically reviewed by the Management Board to plan and run the Group's business.

Sectors of the A2A Group

Sectors of the A2A Group

  • For the quantitative and economic data of the A2A Group’s single sectors reference should be made to the 2011 Report on Operations published on the website

The Energy Sector consists of the following activities:
  • Production of electricity: management of power stations by means of a generation park consisting of hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations with installed power of 6.6 GW1

  •  Energy Management: the wholesale purchase and sale of electricity and gaseous and non-gaseous fuels on the domestic and international markets; procurement of the fuel needed to satisfy the requirements of the thermoelectric power stations and customers; planning, scheduling and dispatching of the electricity production plants;

  •  Sale of electricity and gas: the sale of electricity and gas to the market of customers in the free market and the more highly protected market.

The Heat and Services Sector consists of the following activities:

  •  Cogeneration and district heating: theproduction, distribution and sale of heat, the production and sale of electricity, the operation and maintenance of the cogeneration power plants and district heating networks;

  •  Heat and other services: the management of heating plants owned by third parties.

The Environmental Sector consists of the following activities:

  •  Collection and sweeping: street cleaning and the collection of rubbish for transportation to its destination;

  •  Treatment: activities performed in dedicated centres with the aim of recovering or converting waste to a state suitable for the recovery of materials, incineration and energy recovery or disposal in landfills;

  •  Disposal: the final disposal of urban and special waste in combustion plants or landfills, with the possible recovery of energy by incineration or the use of biogas.

The Networks Sector consists of the following activities:

  •  Electricity networks: transmission and distribution of electricity;

  •  Gas networks: transmission and distribution of natural gas;

  •  Integrated water cycle: water captation, aqueduct management, water distribution, sewerage and purification;

  •  Other services: public lighting, traffic regulation systems, the management of votive lights and plant design services.

The Corporate and Other Services Sector consists of the following activities:

  • Corporate2: direction, coordination and control activities, such as business development, strategic direction, planning and control, financial management and coordination of the Group’s activities; central services supporting the business and operations (e.g. administration and accounting services, legal services, procurement, personnel management, information technology services, communications services, etc.) provided by the parent company to Group companies on the basis of intercompany service contracts;

  • Other services: activities relating to videosurveillance, data transmission, telephony and internet access.


1 Includes 20% of the Edipower plants and the EPCG plants.
2 Includes the Corporate and Market Area Headquarters, the staff of the Technical-Operations Area Headquarters and the staff of the offices of the Chairman of the Management Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board.