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Significant changes in the corporate structure


Among the activities carried out during the year, of special importance was the complex reorganisation of the investments held in Edison and in Edipower, which in 2012 could lead to a significant discontinuity in the business profile. Thanks to this operation, the Group’s production mix will be able to benefit among other things from the entry of Edipower’s hydroelectric plants, strengthening the Group’s position as leader in the generation of renewable sources in Italy.
On the disposals side, the most significant operations carried out during the year were those relating to the sales of 23.5% of the share capital of Metroweb and 99.98% of BAS SII for 53 and 23.5 million euro respectively.
In addition, numerous other operations were finalised during the year which, although of low amount, made a positive contribution to the Group’s performance and rationalisation.