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The A2A Group


The A2A Group, which is the largest multiutility in Italy, has its historical roots in Lombardy and is also increasingly assuming a key role at an international level. In Europe the Group is present in the French market in the district heating sector and in the production of electricity by cogeneration plants, in Montenegro in the production and distribution of energy and in Britain, Spain and Greece in the environmental sector through the development of waste treatment plants. The Group is also active in trading on the main European energy markets.
A2A’s business model consists of a mixture of “green” activities, which represent a growth business, in particular activities with high industrial content in the fields of the production of electricity from renewable sources (hydroelectric, waste to energy and biomasses) and energy saving (cogeneration and network efficiency).
Significant importance is given to achieving a constant improvement of the services provided by the Group, strengthening and creating local roots at both a national and international level, promoting new technologies connected with assets to be used in the production of energy and using resources and sustainable development efficiently.
A2A is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and has its registered office in Via Lamarmora 230 - 25124 Brescia and its headquarters and administrative department in Corso di Porta Vittoria 4 - 20122 Milan.